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The Taste of Fall

I have always loved the fall. It’s not just because I was born in late September (Libra, not Virgo). There is something magical about the changing of the season. The trees shed their leaves, and apples are sweet and crisp. The smell of autumn mixed with pumpkin spice abounds, and a tinge of mystery ignites excitement in the air. Fall, like most seasons, has a taste, a flavor all its own. I feel like I do my best work in the fall. When I think about it, fall is my muse. I’m inspired to drift and dream as I hold a hot cup of Bombay Chai. The places I go or boundless. Fall brings people together. There’s nothing better than a late October bond fire with friends. These past two years have made it hard to gather, but we can dream, can’t we? Life is good in any season, but it’s just a bit tastier in the fall. Let’s create a tasting room for fall. Share your brief fall stories and experiences that will pique our tastebuds and inspire us to drift away on the flavors of fall.

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