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An Everlasting Love

Concrete Soul


As a child, when Taylor Baxter looked in the mirror, she didn’t see a princess or anything precious. She saw a skinny, tight-eyed girl with thick, nappy hair and skin the color of dried, hard mud. A reject and a misfit. It didn’t matter what mirror she looked into; she saw the same broken image—a painful darkness staring back at her. Abandoned by her birth father and a victim of sexual abuse, Taylor is convinced that real love doesn’t exist… at least not for her. How do you find love when you don’t know who love is? Proverbs teaches us to guard our hearts, for out of it flows the issues of life. Taylor shut her damaged heart down and buried it under layers of bitterness, anger, and distrust. Will the love of a good man be enough to break through her concrete soul?

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The Summer of Carlos

An Everlasting Love 2


Taylor Baxter is a young African American girl who grew up believing she was damaged goods and would never know real love. When John

her his heart, she thought his love would save her. With the light of the summer sun, she sees new possibilities in the eyes of Carlos, an older, wiser, and wealthier new acquaintance. Will Taylor survive the summer without destroying everything she’s hoped for with John, or will the intoxicating magic of the summer sun allow Taylor to see herself in a new light? An Everlasting Love: The Summer of Carlos is filled with excitement, love, and sobering truths. This is one summer Taylor will never forget.

Book no.1
Book no.2
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